AstroGrizzly’s Tutorial Codex

Welcome to AstroGrizzly’s Tutorial Codex! The one-stop shop for free web tutorials and videos geared towards improving and enhancing your creative skills.

My name is Coleman Parks and I’m a Film Production Major with an emphasis in Editing at Dodge College School of Film and Media Arts in Orange County. What intimidated me about entering the film world the most was my lack of technical knowledge. I knew I could be creative, but had no clue how to use the tools of my craft. Three years later, I’m well-versed in multiple platforms and softwares ranging from film editing, to animation, to graphic design, to even game design, and I owe most of my knowledge to the incredibly helpful web resources at my disposal.

This website is aimed at all those creative folks out there who, like me, have dreams to work in digital and cinematic art, but have no access to expensive software education and need free tutorials. I hope to give you a free, open space to explore your craft and learn more from actual professionals, as well as contribute to our community.


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