Welcome to my Online Artists blog!

For my New Media course, we are asked to develop a blog that represents and examines a discourse community, so the group I have selected is online artists, creative people who use the internet as a platform for their creativity. Before the internet, independent artists, individuals whose preferred style wasn’t appealing to major studios and publishing houses, were relegated to their local communities and art shows to show the “world” what they had to offer. Today, anyone with a creative or unique voice has the chance to make their work accessible to the entire internet! As such, those who choose to bring their art to the web have become a community of artists, with unique and meaningful methods of discourse and rhetoric.

I realize that the term “artists” broaches an enormous range of disciplines, so in the interest of brevity and scope, I will focus specifically on viral filmmakers, game designers, and animators. I will discuss how the availability of Hollywood-grade VFX and Animation software, as well as game development engines such as Source and Unreal, has opened the floodgates for indie artists to make their voices heard. These individuals come from all walks of life, but their unique approach towards publishing and distributing their art has made them a modern, diverse discourse community.

To start us off, here is an example of what I’m discussing. While this filmmaker’s work is too niche, nerdy, and brief to screen in any major theater, he took advantage of YouTube to publish and distribute his work. Enjoy!


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